Monday, February 8, 2010

Wow it has been awhile since I posted anything at all here. Almost forgot all about this spot to engage the world of Me. School has started for the spring 2010 semester, and I am invested in following the path forward.

Dakota has turned five years old and seems to be picking up steam as opposed to mellowing out, but that is fine. Leela is in the sidewinder approach to formal crawling, look-out Dakota when she really gets up to steam.

We recently had a wonderful visit with Joyce,s brother Bart, Heather and their new daughter Alyssa. We also had Mom Tucker here for both Thanksgiving and Christmas which was a real treat for all.

My cancer treatment ended in November 2008 and it was a rough battle for me and the family, but we came through it united.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's been awhile

I have been poor at posting anything as of late. It seems school has been taking all of my time. The classes are going very well spring break is over which allowed some time to catch up and move a little ahead. It has really amazed me as to much there is to learn about the history of photography and the uniqueness of the medium. Information that I knew intuitively I can now use words to express those feelings. Tone, texture, depth etc. all of definition and boundaries in photography as well as any other art form.

The early photographer's were a hardy lot, traipsing about the country side with glass plates and chemicals to develop those plates

This is "Bill" one of the denizens of the pier homeless that I am using as my project for this semester. Trying to show how these folks are really lost to our society. For whatever reason we seem to ignore them when they are in plain sight. Most are pretty social and enjoy talking about themselves, if given the opportunity. They all are unique many are mentally ill, few have choosen this form of life, but they all laugh and smile when the opportunity arises. Drugs and alcohol play a pretty big part in many of their lives. Some like "Bill" live on the pier with fishing poles out all the time. He just can not get caught sleeping. He has a valid license to fish, and fishing is allowed 24hours a day on the pier.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Reconnecting with Dear Friends

I hope everyone had a great Christmas or Holiday season as this family had. It was truly delightful. Our Niece Karen Tucker came for a short but wonderful visit. Then promptly went back to her home in Colorado and broke her arm in a tumble down the stairs. Hope you are doing well Karen and all our Love, sorry you missed Christmas back east, with your family and hope Jeramy was there with you.

Had a wonderful letter from Jim Rodoni, a great friend we had lost contact with over the years. Joyce and My kids were born about the time as his children. They lived directly across from our first Duplex in the other duplex owned by the same couple. It was our first home and I believe it was theirs also. Cute little places with attached garages separating the units. We did so very many things together. It was the age of Aquarius, and there was very little that we did not experience together, and it's truly a wonder that we were not jailed doing the things we did. It was wonderful hearing Jim's words from the pages he wrote. He and his wife now live in Custer, South Dakota. I, as a Venturian, can not imagine living in that harsh environment. I know I spent 3 years in Germany where it snowed, but I was young and dumb.Now below 60 is intolerable, as is anything above 80. I know we will stay in touch considerably better than we have. A Big shout out to you Jim and Michele

Another wonderful reconnection happened with a friend from way back. Grammer School back. Dyer-Kelly Elementary School and Mrs. Pipers Kindergarten Class. Darryl Robert Schoon. He lived down (up) the street from me. He lived on the cornor of Bell St. and Ralston Rd. While I lived on Ralston, about 6 or 7 houses away. His was a stately Cement block home on a cornor lot that kept his Dad (Ham) very busy. a lot of yard to mow in those days. Darry's Mom, May, was a very neat housekeeper and a stay at home Mom, I believe they all were then. For some unknown reason Darryl and I were best friends right off, all through grammer school, although he had to practice the Piano about a million hours a day We still seemed to be able to get together to play. Learned Ping-Pong from his Dad and Bette Yeast. We went through Scouts together both Cub and Boy What a childhood.
In High School we were friends but Darryl had a decided advantage. He was smart, while I was lazy. We drifted to different groups, We were still friends just didn't see each other as often. Darryl has an incredible life story, as do we all, but his is a little different than you might imagine. You can read one of his books "Light in a Dark Place" to gather some insight into this friend of mine. His poetry is music to the soul, and warmth to a cold spirit. I will get to see Darrly and his Bride Martha this coming January.

Peace on Earth in 2009

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving What a Wonderful Day

Another year has past. Hard to believe how quickly they fly by, and great it is to live during these trying times for our Country. This day brings it all together with the very best of this Nation. You can see it in all the Volunteerism throughout the land, and the coming together of families for merely food and conversation, maybe a board game or work on a jig-saw puzzle. Some people we only see a few times a year others we see regularly, but it is all good and gives me warm feeling in my heart and soul. Why we can't have these feelings every day is beyond me, we don't have to work hard to feel this well about our fellow man.
This year once again, I prepared the onions, celery (home grown), and bread for the stuffing in the bird and out of the bird. I have had this task for years and I really enjoy doing it. I never remember the amounts for each ingredient, 10 cups of cubed bread, 6 cups each of diced celery and onions. Oh well it always seems to come out all right.
This year I did have a bit of saddening realization for myself. After the last piece of pumpkin pie was eaten and all the family and friends had headed home I realized that I may never be able to enjoy those tastes of my favorite meals again. The turkey dinner is right up there at the top of those favorites, along with Joyce's fried chicken, liver and onions, chili and potato salad, fruit pies of any kind,an ice cold Guiness and many more. This should not have been a big shock to me, but it was. I have been going to speech and swallowing therapy for almost a year, with some advancement in my speech but really none in the swallowing department. I thought that is alright I enjoy the aromas and the colors of the various dishes, as well as the incredible conversation that goes around the table. I decided tonight not to be depressed over this missing enjoyment and focus more on what I do have. A warm loving family and friends who care deeply about me, as I do about them. In this light my inability to eat seems rather insignificant. So I'm very Thankful.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Santa Barbara Tea Fire

It is finally 100% contained, Monticeto fire, that is. What an incredible week of loss once again in California. A fire started by rambucious kids at an old place in the Monticito area of Santa Barbara. We have family up there and were very concerned about their well being as well as their properties. Fortunately they are fine as is their property. It did come very close, far too close for comfort. This is a view the fire from George and Susan's Home, as are all the others here. Taken by Susan, shortly before they had to evacuate. They went down to some friends house in Santa Barbara, where they had a view of their home. While sitting , watching the advancing fire near their home the saw an aircraft make a direct drop on the edge of their property stopping the fire in it's tracks.
Hard to imagine the pain all those people that lost all their vauables, as well as, and more importantly their invaluables. Now we hear their was a water shortage at some of the hydrants further south. How can that be??? We can understand the fierceness of the fire that overwhelmed the fireman in the mobile home park. Orange county seems to have played roulette with the fire prepardness after the previous fires we have suffered thru. How can we allow poloticians do this to us again, and again.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Help with Picasa The Google Photo Tool

Well Folks Halloween has passed and it was wonderful!! I think we had the most children ever. We also decorated the most we have ever done. We almost ran out of candy. We had friends over to play cards while the kids knocked at the door we took turns answering the door.I took pictures of the gremlins and goblins they were pretty cute.
Now to my question if any one knows, Why, when using Picasa( Google's Photo editing program) I can bring up photos to e-mail but , Picasa does not recognize my contacts list from google. Any Ideas will be greatly appreciated.
We did not get to see our Dakota as she was up visiting Grandma ChaCha in Ojai. Fair is fair We did get to have her all day Saturday and some of Sunday morning, a little over 24 hours I think the longest she has ever been apart from her Mom. She was ready to go home when her Mom showed up this am. Dakota was Princess Auroara and a lovely one I must say. Her candy was a treasure and she had no problem sharing with her Gaugee.

Friday, October 24, 2008